Coaching Supervision

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Reflective practice

Coaching supervision accompanies you in your commitment to the ongoing quality of your coaching, enhancing who you are and how you coach. As many highly experienced and talented people look to coaching to help them maximise their talents that unique relationship is also available for a coach and coaching practice.

Coaching Supervision is an opportunity to add depth, breadth, strategies and perspectives to your work as a coach. It's a creative space to....

Enhancing your abilities

-Sometimes a coach might identify the need to step into a more challenging approach. With supervision the coach can add to their confidence to do this more effectively and skilfully. And consequently the client can gain more impact from their coaching experience.

-Sometimes it is the opposite- a coach might need to develop more structure, or be less challenging and more empathic, or bring a new and deeper level of meaning to their work.

-There may be situations in a coaching scenario where thinking out loud will act as confirmation, affirmation or an opportunity to freshen a perspective and increase insight.

-Coaching supervision is working alongside someone dedicated to positively support and feed back in such a way as to enhance what you do.

As part of the senior teaching team at Coaching Supervision Academy Karyn has been working with international coaches. She currently supervises clients in several countries, across the private and public spectrum as well as independent coaches. Karyn has an integrative approach drawing upon many strands including transpersonal tools, the 7 Eye model, Full Spectrum model, Gestalt, mindfulness, metaphor and story.

Group supervision

This allows you the benefits of regular supervision in a collaborative learning environment with a small group of peers working with Karyn. This enriches the possibilities of developing skills in using intuition and making wise choices. This can be face-to-face or by telephone.

Vital moment supervision

Not sure you want regular supervision or want to try it out? Perhaps you have a critical moment and want a sounding board to think aloud with? Reserve a single session face-to-face in London or by telephone. Please email Karyn or call her on 0721 312 377 to reserve a space.

Karyn has been an invaluable companion on my own development journey, as both a therapist and coach. She is a consummate professional with a great heart, who combines deep and creative insights with many years experience of life in the world of organisations.
Jon Chapman
Karyn my coaching practice has taken on a whole new dimension as I learn and grow and go deeper in my understanding. I appreciate the affirming way you work with me and the insight you help me find.
Jenny S
Since taking Karyn Prentice as my supervisor I know the rigour of my executive coaching practise has increased tremendously. Under her heartfelt supervision I have developed more confidence to work more deeply with my clients, ask more probing questions, and follow my intuition more easily. Karyn's work with me has given me skills to be more of a self-supervisor in session Courage, creativity, mindfulness are standard in my work now as a result of my alliance with Karyn. She is without doubt co-responsible for my getting almost every chemistry meeting I attend. I credit my alliance with Karyn for the fact that since I have been under her supervision my practise has grown in quality and size. Sessions with Karyn are soulful, productive and challenging. I grow each time we meet and ask myself deeper and deeper questions about my work as a coach in and out of session.

There is every confidence that supervision was one of the best thing I did for my work as a coach .I am delighted she is my supervisor and although they do not know it, so are my clients.
Deena Gornick, Executive Coach