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We are often so busy that it is as if time runs away with us. As a result we may not always take the pause needed to truly steep ourselves in the abundance of what is just outside the door in the green spaces of nature. Even with successful projects do we take time to really harvest and savour with grace and compassion all the goodness? The higher tech we become the more we need nature’s tonic to help us connect to all of our senses, where we can feel more alive and where we can fine tune and calibrate our inner landscape with the sanctuary and bond of the natural environment.

Nature’s Way, by Karyn Prentice will be the reader’s year-long companion guiding you season by season through the language and lens of Mother Nature's ever-changing cycle and with the evocative metaphor of the garden.

Through the qualities and essential character of each season you will find ways to seed, grow and nurture more of who you are though a creative range of approaches and tools to inspire your inner gardener.

Whether you have a window box or acres of land, a small cultivated garden or prefer public parks and forests this book encourages you to reflect on and rejuvenate the garden that is your life and to work with its beauty as a daily practice for the head, heart and soul. It is packed with ideas and practical, tried- and- tested effective approaches based on over 20 years of experience working with individuals globally in offices and in real parks and gardens. Draw inspiration by discovering the essence, qualities and quintessential practices for each turn of the seasonal cycle, including weekly walks through the seasons, ‘tea cup’ goals and views from the hedgerow. Deepen your own inner wisdom and insight in this place of real exploration as you prune seed, grow and honour the life you want leaning into Nature as a true teacher and inspiration to re-greening the soul.

Nature’s Way is designed to be read slowly, taking time to savour, walk, write, reflect and be playfully creative.

Part 1


Each season has its particular essence and quality. Each chapter is packed with, practices and exercises. Start wherever you are and journey through 12 months. Take weekly walks and capture the heart of your walk in Postcard from the Hedgerow to build a memoir of the year for yourself. Enjoy exploring a deep dive into the senses, whether it is in the shape of new beginnings of Spring, the joyful juiciness of luscious Summer, harvesting the abundance of late Summer, giving way to deep gratitude and Autumn’s letting go to let come and the deep stillness reflective space of Winter.

Part 2


The metaphor of gardening encourages us to seed, plant, nurture and harvest the garden that is our life. Each of us, like a garden, is constantly evolving, trying to balance the paradox of continual change on the one hand and remaining constant and well-rooted, whilst striving to grow, blossom. Connect to your inner gardener and create, revitalise or simply enjoy your life garden with stimulating questions, practices, and activities that will draw upon your wisdom and experience in order to flourish all through the year.


This is a treasure trove of a book! It will stimulate and support a wide range of professionals and business people. Its greatest strength is that the author clearly walks her talk and she closely accompanies the reader all the way. 'Nature’s Way is an imaginative take on developing a radical practice of personal development using the central metaphors of the garden and identifying not four, but five seasons! There is a generous supply of resources and activities which have been garnered over a lifetime’s professional involvement with people around the globe. I highly recommend this practical and profound book.
Edna Murdoch: Founder and Director of the Coaching Supervision Academy
Nature’s Way is packed with invaluable stories, insights, hints and practices showing us all how we can learn to embrace the rhythm and wisdom of the seasons to recalibrate our inner landscapes in order to live and work meaningfully and wholeheartedly in today’s constantly changing world. Karyn’s book is my constant companion, reference and inspiration. Written with warmth, elegance, love and purpose, there is a space waiting for Karyn’s book on everyone’s bookshelves!
Elaine Patterson: Author of “Reflect to Create! The Dance of Reflection for Creative Leadership, Professional Practice and Supervision”

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