Resources > Exercises > The Magic Gift Shop

Imagine yourself on a street in a town anywhere in the world... (pause) Follow this road through your curiosity until you come to a little street that is very narrow...(pause) Walk down this street and see many shops and cafes in different colours... (pause)

Explore this street taking in all the sights and sounds, colours and smells as you explore... (pause)

You come to a gift shop and you are very interested in entering it. It is full to the top with so many different things from many places! Take time to walk through this shop and look at all the wonderful things inside. You can pick up and touch anything in the shop. Notice the things that you are drawn to... (pause)

When you have explored the whole shop the owner says that you may choose one gift to take away with you... Take some time in selecting just the right gift to take with you... (pause)

When you have chosen, thank the shop owner and leave the shop... Make your way down the little street... (pause) Turn into the road where you began your exploration and with your gift return to the present moment here in this room.

Drawing or at the least noting down what comes up is a really good way to ground the activity and for it to offer up even more of what it has to offer. If you are a reluctant artist, no, after, draw it using your non-dominant hand where the seal rules you might apply to your attempt can be put aside.

From: Art Therapy the Person-centred Way, by Liesl Silverstone