Workshops, Master Classes & Learning Events

coaching workshops

We have been designing and delivering energising, thought provoking and memorable workshops, 'away days', and active learning events for over 15 years.

Starting from a perspective of what is already working well these workshops increase skills, raise performance, and re-engage motivation. They can be focused on a particular entry level or accommodate a mixed group.

Our workshops are individually crafted with your organisation's needs central to successful learning events.

In style all workshops are shaped to be pragmatic, relevant and energising. They offer a variety of tools, techniques and strategies to help transfer learning back into the everyday. The return on investment and experience goes up when people see and feel the difference in what they do back in the workplace.

They can be focused on a particular entry level or accommodate a mixed group. Some of our more popular workshops are listed below. Please contact us for details on many other workshops.

when people flourish
   organisations prosper

Nutshell workshops

If we cannot influence ourselves positively and make the most of our own wisdom we only have a haphazard chance of influencing others

Given the busy schedule everyone has, these two hour sessions are the 'nuggets' of half or whole day workshops. They focus on the essence of the topic concerned. They can be booked individually or in groups of up to three on a day possible. For more information on which subjects are available please contact us.