Working Outdoors

five seasons

Walking the work: coaching and supervision in parks and gardens

Inspire and inform your practice by working with me outdoors. Parks and gardens are exciting places to take coaching and supervision conversations. Even a small public park presents an oasis in your busy schedule. Taking advantage of green spaces while exploring work issues offers the benefits of increased insights and fresh wisdom whilst reflecting on questions that matter most to you, refreshing body and mind and engaging all our senses.

The lens of the five seasons – Sacred Landscape

five seasons

Supervision sessions take place once a season, five times in a 12 month period. They are designed for individual 1:1 work or for small groups. Together we partner with nature and the changing backdrop of the seasons. The language of the seasons offers a rich metaphor of imagery illuminating and connecting us to our own inner and outer landscape.

The 5 seasons can also be seen as a cycle of change that begins with newness and growth (Spring) moving to full ripeness (Summer) and then to harvesting the best (Late Summer).

...You do not need a sixth sense for it. It is there if you just close your eyes and breathe softly through your nose; you will hear the whispered message, for all landscapes ask the same question in the same whisper. 'I am watching you -- are you watching yourself in me? ...
Lawrence Durrell, Spirit of Place: Letters and Essays on Travel

Transitions and letting go (Autumn) herald a move into a reflective and still space (Winter) where, invisible to the eye, fresh possibilities are being germinated to begin the cycle once more. This archetypal cycle can be seen in many workplace endeavours such as tackling a change process, seeking work-life balance, surviving in a VUCA world, leading a team or managing personal stories of transition and transformation.

Each supervision session draws upon seasonal exercises to stimulate and widen perspectives as we


Sacred Landscape cards

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