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Across organisations

Executive Coaching

Successful business relies on how its leaders create and innovate, inspire a shared vision, challenge, encourage and enable others with an authentic voice. Executive coaching accompanies the individual on the journey to

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Career Coaching

FIREWORK is a carefully tailored powerful 12 session programme based on research into best practice in career re-valuation and transition and is approved by the International Coaching Federation. It provides an energising format to

Depth Coaching & Midlife Transformation

I have found the process immensely valuable, particularly the opportunity to take time out from the day to day world, to pause and reflect on both big picture issues, such as business strategy, priorities and my own direction, along with specific problems that have needed work. I have really enjoyed working with Karyn as she is very bright, interested and experienced in the way that she coaches. I found her very good at seeing patterns, understanding themes and drawing out points I needed to think about more deeply as well as providing a different perspective on any given issue. There is always a little bit of reflective homework to do after her sessions and she always makes sure that there is a link between the sessions to ensure a holistic approach is taken and that the agreed objectives for the programme are met.
Dr L Driscoll, Director, Post graduate programmes, University of East Anglia

At mid-life the journey often takes on a new flavour. The thirst is for a journey into meaning.

Our appetite for life's bigger questions may lead us to seek new actions, adventure, a re-evaluation or shift a different emphasis. The 'note' we are listening for is our very own and we may hear it in a fresh or more resonant way, or maybe for the first time as it calls us 'home'.

Questions arise like

Team Coaching

Coaching a team brings benefits:

Coaches in the Park

FREE Event Every First Wednesday of the Month 1-2 pm in Green Park

Bring the inside outside by spending a lunch hour in the park with Ian Mackenzie and Karyn Prentice who together are the Presence Partnership. This is a chance to refresh walking, talking and learning for 60 minutes in nature in all her seasons - whatever the weather - almost! Different activities and tools every time

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Meet: Exit Green Park Tube on the Park side. We meet by the snack bar about a minute's walk into the park and just behind the temporary green construction hoardings.