About Karyn

karyn, a specialist in management training & leadership development I feel enormously lucky that the work I do is the work I love.

This shows up in creating a compelling and positive environment for learning, growing and discovery. My work is noted for being memorable and for making a difference. I am known for going the extra mile and adding real value having built a long track record with my clients over many years.

I engage with vitality with the widest audience at all levels with warmth, intuition and a motivational style. I encourage people to explore and discover increased resourcefulness in themselves, uncovering talents that may have been eclipsed over time and build their teams and businesses.

The heart of what I do

All my work falls under the umbrella of communication and relationships. Everything we do is about communication. It's about the messages we give to ourselves about what we think we can or can't do. It's the dialogue with another individual, with teams or across an organisation. Every conversation we have makes a difference even if we don't always recognise it.

At the end of the day everything is about how we relate to ourselves or others in terms of our awareness, regard and behaviour. Relationships underpin everything we do, don't do, or dream of doing. How we cross the bridge from our world to meet others in theirs with real presence, creates the chance for optimal engagement in our conversations.

Communication and relationship link strategically and creatively to the vision of the future and our performance across roles and in our individual lives. This is an art and a craft to be continually honed. In the fullest sense of life it brings meaningful connection in ourselves and with others.

The hallmark of what I offer

I was born in the United States and left to attend university in Paris and I have lived and worked in England and Europe since then. I am based in the UK and in France. Having an international background underpins my breadth of experience, interest and understanding about people who work and live in countries other than their country of origin.

I always know I am going to learn something valuable for me because you really engage me and I can do my best thinking
Director, Global Accountancy Firm

I have always worked across the broad landscape of public, private and corporate sectors. Before running my own consultancy I worked for 14 years in the City of London recruiting for a diverse client base that covered FTSE 100 clients, consultancies, insurance companies, retail, arts and advertising. I have run workshops in Denmark, The Netherlands and the United States. The BBC has filmed one of my workshops.

I believe that learning can also be fun and enlivening. It also has to be practical: 'how do I deal with this on Monday morning when I am back with the team?' 'What do I need to do in the here and now situations I face?'

My experience working at depth with people has been a sought after aspect of my coaching, especially with clients drawn to explore the big questions around meaning.

My strength is the ability to offer a safe, strong container for exploration of often very complex life situations, even when they are not directly expressed. This space to breath and 'be' in is the invitation for a client to work trustfully and authentically and to really be heard. When leaders do this they become stronger and their authentic voice clearer.

My success is in bringing together rigour, intuition with a light touch to generate ideas, develop strategies, ignite the imagination and support development.

When we do these things with heart and mind - excellence can be achieved.