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Innovation Lab

Instead of thinking outside the box- find a new place to think and create! I have been working as a Facilitator with the ilab for six years. The ilab is an inspirational facility designed for group work which transports its users from their everyday environment into an extraordinary space encouraging creativity and problem solving by encouraging people to work and think in different ways. The space is used for any team-based work including strategic planning, organisational change, away days, focus groups and consensus building.

EI psychometrics questionnaire including individual effectiveness and 360° feedback

This suite of questionnaires provides a framework for understanding how we manage our personality to be both personally and interpersonally effective. It can highlight how to manage relationships more effectively, motivate others, as well as raising self awareness and self management skills. There are several questionnaires: individual effectiveness, 360°, and one for teams. These dovetail well with other questionnaires like the MBTI, FIRO B. For more information see www.jcaglobal.com.